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The most down bad setup for recording drums and remixing videos

In this post we will go over the easiest way to record drums and video on a budget for recording demos, remixing videos on Youtube, Tiktok, and Reels.

This is the perfect tutorial if all you have is your phone for the production part of the media. You will need some other things to make this happen, but I will try my best to keep the list cost effective yet scalable.

Here, I am using an ipod touch

first you need a TRRS to TRS adapter, this gets plugged into the headphone port of your ipod touch. If you have a more recent device, you may need an adapter.

From there, you want to connect the male end of your headphone splitter.

Connect your headphones to an empty port of the headphone splitter, and connect an aux cable to another port.

The other end of the aux cable can go a number of places depending on what you have available to you.

In my case I had an E-Kit, but I'll go over some other examples afterwards. E-kit: plug the other end of the aux into the headphone jack. Connect the phone to the kit with bluetooth. You can now playback over bluetooth and track into the phone with the headphone jack.

Yamaha EAD10: The most cost effective single purchase to get your whole kit covered although it will run you about $500 USD, you would need a quarter inch to eighth inch adapter, from there you can plug it into the headphone jack as well. connect a bluetooth adapter to the aux input of the EAD10, and then you can hear the phone and record audio at the same time.

Mixer: if you already have your mic plugged into a mixer, you could also use the phones port on this, there are much more efficient ways to use the mixer to send signal to both your headphones and the phone in a much cleaner way, but this will work in a budget friendly way.

Ideally with a mixer you could connect the same cables mentioned above, but in a different way. There are some shorts on my channel going into detail on this.

I hope this helps, thanks for checking this out.

Here is the list of equipment you might need to get going with this.

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